Beauty of Holland

Flowers… are Everywhere at Keukenhof!

Flower… is the thing that I like the most in Holland. Who can resist the beauty of flower? Okay, perhaps, some people do not really put their interest on flower. But, for me, I really savor the moment when I look deeply into its colors. Just amazing! 🙂

Spring is the season when I had been very looking forward for, as the Keukenhof park is opening. Last year, I could not make to see all the flowers’ blossom because it was late on March. So, I insisted my husband to go there again with me last month. Fortunately, we came in the best time because the flowers were fully blossom. But, the not-so-good thing, there were a lot of people coming from all over the world, so much crowds surrounds the park. Despite the crowd, I still really really enjoy the visit with my husband, and we were able to take a few shots (well, actually quite a lot… :D) for you to enjoy, hopefully. 🙂

Keukenhof is a very large park, and it consists several sections. For us, it took almost a half-day, from 11 am to 5 pm, to go around the park and several sections (since I am pregnant, walking far is quite tiring though… so we took some breaks in between… hehee… 😀 ). Our favorite areas are, of course, the park with the footpath where we found lots of variety of flowers, their arrangement, and the surrounding environment and attractions…

an enormous variety of tulips at Willem Alexander exhibition…

and hundreds of beautiful variety of orchids at Beatrix exhibition…

aren’t those beautiful?? 🙂


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