Beauty of Holland

Once Every Ten Years. That’s Floriade!

Once every ten years? Yes, I know, it sounds great! I never heard such an event before. World Cup or Olimpiade which holds every four years seems already fantastic for me πŸ˜€ I heard this event first time from my husband. Back in 2002, when he was studying here, he got a chance to visit the Floriade expo in Amsterdam. This year, Floriade is held in Venlo, a city located in German border. Once I heard about this thing from him, I went into the event sites, and we booked two tickets with an arrangement of accommodation for two days. I was very excited to visit it!

CNN wrote this event as one of the World’s Top Destination for 2012. If you get a chance to visit Netherlands when Floriade is staged, I recommend you to come to this must-see and unforgettable event as well.

Ok, so what you are gonna see at Floriade? Floriade is world horticultural expo which showcases the world’s best flowers, plants, trees, fruits and vegetables. But, not only about that. This year, those flowers and plants are arranged in a 66 hectares park separated into five unique themes. The themes areΒ  Relax and Heal, Green Engine, Education and Innovation, Environment, and World Show Stage. The theme I liked very much was the World Show Stage. In this area of theme, you will be able to see cultural entertainment and boulevards from many different countries (including my beloved Indonesia! :D). Besides the park, you will be also educated about the technology used by the Dutch to nourish the horticulture in this country; very good for kids to study, learn, and play πŸ™‚ What’s more? There was also a Villa Flora, Europe’s biggest indoor flower show, where I saw collections of plants from different countries as wel . Sounds so interesting ya? Well, you will get more once you come! πŸ˜€

To visit a 66 hectares in a day, of course, is so much tiring. I recommend you to prepare before you come. Check the sites, and if possible, plan which themes and places you are going to see. To get the most beneficial visit, you can come very early after the gate is just opening (at 10 am) πŸ˜€ For me, I only got a one day ticket, (and I did not want to spend more) so I insisted my self and my husband to explore the expo only in a day! That was fun, really, but I ended up with one of my leg being painful πŸ˜€ So, be prepared. πŸ™‚

Boulevards from different countries: China, Srilangka, and Italy

Others boulevards: Srilangka, Chili, and Indonesia

The Dome and the Earthwalk in Environment Park (I got this picts from other sites)


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