Daily Heekmah

How Would You See Other?

How seeing other could be so important? Well, here is the analogy..

Let say, you wear a yellow glasses. That glasses is actually your value, culture and knowledge by which you see your own world. And then, you meet someone or are in other environment that has totally different value, culture or knowledge from your own. Say, that person or environment is wearing green glasses. Would you see that person or environment with your own glasses? Or would you see them by wearing double glasses, yellow plus green? Neither first nor last is right. Both can only blur your view, you can never be able to get the real color of their world. To be able to get a clear sight, you have to take off your yellow glasses and then put on the green glasses, as they do.

So true! Isn’t it? I got this analogy almost three years ago in a multicultural workshop. The analogy is simple, yet it is hard to be implemented 😦 Isn’t it easy to judge people based on your own value? Of course, it is. We are being raised with certain culture, value, and knowledge that differ from other. The right and wrong could be relative from one to another (except, for religious value, that I believe, would always be right). It is good to stand in your own value sometimes. But there is also a limit,  otherwise we can simply misunderstand others choice.

Taking off and switching glasses is not an instant, I guess. It takes time to be able to understand and respect others. To see them as they are. You can not understand something in just a few seconds of course. However, tolerance can bridge the gap. Putting the tolerance in advance before you experience any differences with some people or environment, I guess, is easier (yet, still not easy). I came across to a wisdom said by Rumi.. “Be like a sea in tolerance”..  Yes, that I think I should do. Put the tolerance first, as wide as possible. Then, take off my glasses to see other people clearly… 🙂


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