Parenting Notes

What Happiness are for a Mom

Parenthood is wonderful and … well, full of ups and downs…

I want to preserve the wonderful moments (not the down side, of course :D), so I make this list:

what. happiness. are. for. a. mom

Yes, this list contains things that made me happy and blessed as a mom! 🙂

This list is just random, not in any order. I believe that this list will grow longer as my baby grows bigger, inshaAllah… 🙂 So, if I experience a new thing that made me happy, I will edit this post and write that stuff.

Okay, here we go!

1. In the early months, it was really hard to take care of myself. My baby was my world. Even, it was hard for me to take a shower. So, to be honest… Taking a warm-water shower after two days of not having any, will be in my list! 😀 Believe me, that feels so fantastic and really made my day! 😀

2. Looking at my baby’s face when she is sleeping… is wonderful! Even more wonderful after I have to sooth her to fall asleep for a looong time… (fiuuuh…)

3. Got the very first smile and laugh from her before anyone else gets it! Even my husband was envy for that (sorry hun! :D)

4. Met my baby after some time being away from her… 🙂

… to be continued 😉


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