Random Notes

Ignored But Unforgotten

It has been a while since my last post a couple weeks ago. I’ve been busy with my inner thoughts, so I set aside some ideas for new posts. I called it ‘me time’. Yeah, a little bit awkward, I know. But, I supposed that everyone has their ‘me time’ in their own way. Soc-med has changed the way we interact with others, doesn’t it? However, at the same time, it also changes the way we interact with ourselves. Some people like to post random thoughts in FB, twitter, blog, or… you name it! But for me, this time, I like to keep my thought for a little contemplation… (sigh…). Yes, a contemplation. Take a quiet time and think on how everything went so far.

But… This blog is of course unforgotten. So many things happened and worth-to-share. Soon… I’ll be back… 🙂


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